Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Columbus Grass Bear!

Megan and I spotted an amazing creature last night, the Columbus grass bear. I have seen this fascinating animal stalking our lawn ever since moving to our current home. It often makes short forays through our grass and dissappears soon after.

Last night, Megan and I tried to approach and study the grass bear further.

Here it is......I'm using Megans' super zoom kodak 12x camera for this shot...I did not want to get too close in fear of an attack..

Megan was brave enough to approach the bear in its own habitat. Notice she is avoiding making direct eye contact. This is one of Megan's trademark techniques she uses when approaching potentially dangerous wildlife.

Finally, she has tamed the beast. The Columbus grass bear turned out to be quite a pleasant creature!

This type of blog post is completely inspired by Jim Mccormac of the Ohio Birding Blog. See link at right.
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