Sunday, May 27, 2007

Common Raccoon- Procyon lotor

Megan and I are surrounded by wild creatures. Raccoons abound in our neighborhood. Friday night, I finally captured an image of one with Megan's Kodak P850 digital camera. This individual appears to be sampling a single kernel of corn. We have at least four of these creatures frequenting our neighborhood, and they are subsidized by our neighbors who throw seed, nuts, popcorn, and other munchies into the street. What a feast. Unfortunately, it can be a little unnerving if I'm walking through the back yard and a coon bolts across my path!


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  1. Those racoons are scary when they cross your path in the backyard...Yikes! In Maine- you assume that any racoon you see, especially during the day, is rabid...I think here in Ohio we just feed them- that's why they are out during the day...not good!