Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jumping in Kenny Park

Megan had the really good idea to capture us running and jumping today in Kenny Park. Ok, I know this is about the 18th blog post of the day, but it is raining and blogging is just so much fun. Here we are. I encourage everyone to get out there, jump, and have someone photograph you.



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P.S. Megan and I just watched Kristin Stanford's segment from Dirty Jobs, where Mike Rowe travels to South Bass Island to help Kristin study the federally threatened Northern Water Snake. This show was off the hook! Mike Rowe, the host, just continually got bitten by the snakes as they gathered them along the shore of the island. They were "pooing" "peeing" and "crapping" all over him! If you haven't seen the dirty jobs show, it is one of the funniest programs on cable.

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