Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Today Megan had the idea to go see the recent addition to Batelle Darby Metropark, six Bison on loan from The Wilds.  The Bison paddocks are on the edge of this fantastic oak savanna, a remnant of the Darby Plains.  While we didn't get any closeup views of the bison, I was able to photograph two bird species that call grassland habitats home.

A field sparrow

And the red-winged blackbird.

Weston had no clue about the bison in the area- they were just to far away for a two year old to distinguish them as anything more than brown lumps in a grassy field.  He still managed to have fun watching dad run around with a giant camera.  Brody slept with momma in the "Weego".



  1. A wonderful Easter outing, your son is adorable :) Wonderful images of the field sparrow and red-winged blackbird.

  2. Thanks Debbie- If only you had to spend 12 hours with him.... :) Just kidding- He has so much energy, he really keeps us on our toes.


  3. Hi Tom...Nice family day. I especially like the photo of the little ball of energy!!
    I spend the weekend with my daughter and my 9 year old about energy!!!
    Great one of the Red wing!!