Sunday, April 17, 2011


I love creating things, and my new camera has allowed me an entirely new creative outlet- film making. I'm able to shoot HD video with my 7d using my macro lenses, and it is really awesome. Learning to think like a film maker is entirely new experience. While photography is about capturing just one moment, filmaking is about stringing dozens of moments together and interweaving them to tell a story. If you haven't tried it, I found that it's been a good way to exercise my creative muscles. I hope you enjoy my ant video, shot right in our front yard.



  1. Hi Tom...loved you Ants right there in your front yard ... funny watching there team work..makes you wonder what in the world are they doing anyway!!
    I tell you one thing, "it's better to have ants on video than in your pants"!! hahaha!!

  2. Spring Cleaning is a universal impulse :^)