Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tick Season has Arrived

A very brief note-

Beware Ohio nature adventurers, ticks are out and about and looking for you. Yesterday I pulled a dog tick off my neck while driving home on I-71, and earlier in the week Megan saw one swirl down our shower. As long as we have warblers along with the ticks, I can't complain.



  1. It never leaves down here :)

  2. Hi don't have to remind me ..yuck..
    The deer tick is the one that worries me because of the Lyme disease...they are so small you can't see them!!

  3. It's hard to believe that you have ticks year round, Swampy, but if you have herps all year round, that makes sense.

    Grammie- Up until recently, our risk of Lyme disease in Ohio was small. However, last year deer ticks were found in the state, so it's a new problem I'm going to have to deal with on my adventures throughout the state.