Thursday, April 14, 2011

Munroe Falls, Brust Park, and the Cuyahoga

A free-flowing Cuyahoga where the Munroe Falls Dam once stood.

Here's a post that I had lined up for late February but I never finished, so I'm presenting here as a photo essay.  These images document the after effects of 2005 removal of the Munroe Falls Dam on the Cuyahoga River in 2005. Yes, this is the same Cuyahoga that further downstream caught fire and help "spark" a great deal of new environmental legislation in the late 1960's.  What once was a stream heavily used for industry (there had been a dam here in one form or another since the 1830's) is now slowly being returned to a natural, free-flowing body of water.  Some of the plants pictured were mostly used to restore the banks around the river- some, to me, were questionable choices, while others fit in just well. 


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