Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Portrait of a Turkey Vulture

Columbus Zoo, August 2nd 2009



  1. Ohhhh! I love Turkey Vultures and this is a beautiful portrait. In the early spring, I saw a very large flock of them at Clifty Falls, Indiana...amazing.

  2. I love Turkey Vultures too. In fact it's my favorite bird. Did you know that September 5th is International Vulture Awareness Day?

  3. Yes, that is what they look like. I have been able to take only three or four photos of Turkey Vultures in my lifetime. The "normal" requirement for me to take their picture is that they have to land in my backyard. Since nothing is dead there they don't come around but have flown overhead. Then one day Patty and I were on our way to the secret place, "Arcanum," and passed two feeding on an old deer carcass in a corn field and we backed up and I had a point and shoot camera with me and got several photos of them before they took off.

    This is a really nice photo, Tom.

    I am still making history on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog. Today I posted a Zebra Butterfly with long tails. He is as big as your hand. Most have never seen one. Now you can see one at
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  4. Oh - well I think you've done him justice, Tom!

  5. Great picture. Strange bird...I would love to see one, one day.

  6. Gorgeous birds! I've been lucky enough to visit a few rehab centers and get close ups, they really are a pretty bird when you take the time to look.