Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Komodo Dragon

Fortunately for us in Central Ohio, we don't have to travel far to see the largest lizard in the world. We have at least one living at the Columbus Zoo, and maybe more. This one is tiny compared to those I have seen at the Toronga Zoo in Sydney. Let's give this individual a few more years and see how big it gets.



  1. Interesting looking guy. His tongue looks like a straw :)

  2. ...he Love that tongue, the claws...the nose...everything!

  3. A beautiful animal. I am happy, in a way, that they are not as plentiful as squirrels here. Can you imagine that?

    To reply to your question about Paw Paw trees on my blog about the Zebra Swallowtails. When I was growing up there was a woods near where I lived and the floor of the woods in places was covered by Paw Paw trees and I ate them etc., but never saw a Zebra Butterfly until 3 years ago here where I live and the one I photographed.

    Yes, Tom, I did plant two Paw Paw trees this spring. One is leafed out and the other is gone. I think. Both came bare root in time to plant in this area. I had a devil of a time finding them but did in Illinois at a nursery there. So, I suppose this one will work by iteself. These are self seeding I would guess, aren't they?

    Maybe next year this one will put out some limbs as there were both pencil size whips. I got a lot of flack from people who said I didn't want Paw Paw trees. Messy and etc.

  4. Awesome picture! So cool looking!

    <3 Lindsay

  5. He doesn't seem to like you...sticking out his tongue. Amazing creatures.

  6. What an amazing animal. Abe Lincoln send me over here to tell you he needs help in identifying a plant he found in his yard.

    I really do like your blog and will be back for many more visits. Thanks to Abe directing us here.

  7. No, to answer your question, Tom, it doesn't have any spines. It has doubled in its height since last summer but that doesn't say much as it is only about 10-12 inches tall now. I did notice the lower leaves are about half and half bronze color and green. I just can't locate it anywhere. Thought maybe you would know the answer. Blogger and Google have been down all day here and I have just got back online.