Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Little Man

It's been a little while since Weston, born March 2nd, has seen himself on the blog. So he gave me this big grin and seemed to say through his baby talk, "Dad, it's been a while since I've been on the blog, and boy, I bet those nature lovers really miss seeing me".

It is truly incredible how fast he grows. He changes each day-learns something new, gets bigger, starts to chew his fingers all day long, whatever it may be, there is something new every day, never a dull moment. These shots are from this past weekend on our trip to Lake Erie.


P.S.- If you don't live in Ohio or Michigan- The "Poop on Michigan" shirt is a reference to the Ohio State- U. of Michigan Football rivalry. Michigan fans, you won this time, because Weston pooped three times the night we dressed him in this onesie. The joke was on us.


  1. The Poop On Michigan onesie has been retired, in hopes of not having a night like that anytime soon!

  2. What a cutie-boy!
    He looks just like you.

  3. SO, SO, CUTE! and I'm not prejudiced at all! Thanks for the pics!
    (Grandma Carol)

  4. Go Blue! (says this U. Mich, class of 1964 alumna). But not Go ON Blue. Way to go, Weston, you cutie pie, you!

  5. What a cute bebeh! He has very expressive eyes!

  6. Your little one is so cute and growing like a weed!

  7. Cute seems to be the word for Weston. I agree those eyes and could he look anymore like Tom?

  8. What big eyes Weston has! Precious.

  9. A different posting by a proud Papa. I just watched your Long Pond video, very interesting, it didn't seem like the black flies were too bad. Also loved the HDR sunset photo posted on your other blog.

  10. He is really adorable and Megan you look like motherhood very much agrees with you :-) We nature lovers know that the human baby is an ingredible thing and we love looking at them. I told your "poop on Michigan" story to my sister-in-law in Springfield who says even her first graders "boo" when they hear Michigan mentioned!

  11. Megan- Hear Hear!

    Thanks Lynne- I get that alot :)

    Thanks Kathy, he is growing so fast, you won't recognize him.

    Thanks Mom

    Nice Jackie- Did you study biology or botany when you at the U of M?

    Thanks Heather, he has all kinds of interesting expressions, but his eyes are huge and big and brown.

    Chris- Great comparison. Babies do grow like weeds. Too fast, almost. But we're not getting rid of our weed.

    Thanks Barb- He does have the big brown eyes thing going on.

    John- Thanks very much. The first day we were there was calm, but the rest of the days were kinda windy, maybe that kept the black flies away? We booked tickets for a July trip. Can't wait.

    Thanks Wendie- He's got some wood and/or Kiskaddon in him too. It'll be interesting to see how he grows if he looks like his mom.

    Mary- I really like your comparison there- We like observation, and yes, I really like observing Weston- to see how he reacts to certain things I do, how he relates to the world, you name it. It is great fun and it's been a complete learning experience for us.

    Thanks everyone.