Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Dragon for Warren

For those of you that know Warren Uxley at the Crawford County Park district, he really wanted to see a black shouldered spiny legs in Crawford County today along the Sandusky River. We were doing a bioblitz today, and Warren had to leave just before the sun came out and the dragons really started flying. I can't be certain, but if I had to guess, I would say that this is a black shouldered spinylegs, judging by its dark shoulders, abdominal spots, and long hind legs.


Update: I just check the Ohio Odonata website, and according to the maps there, although they are a little out of date, the last published or documented occurrence of this species is from before 1950. Unforuneately, this photo wouldn't pass muster with the records committee, but it just shows you that there haven't been many folks finding this species in Crawford County recently.


  1. Great find Tom- and a pretty good photo too!

    Those dragons can be tough to shoot.


  2. Great shot - and I love how informative this blog is too, you give us the information and not just the pretty picture. I second Weedpicker Cheryl, dragons are so hard to photograph - getting their beautiful wings to show well is a nightmare! I am becoming more and more fascinated by them though. I think I have to go dragoning some time soon.

  3. Tom: Neat capture, I still haven't seen many dragonflies yet this year.