Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adams County Teems with Life

Isn't this butterfly weed, covered with eleven (can you count more?) great spangled fritillaries, spectacular? We had a great time botanzing and naturalizing on last Friday's trip to Adams County, which one of Ohio's southernmost counties on the Ohio River. No names today, please just enjoy the photos of these plants and animals. Thanks to the Ohio Heritage Naturalists for a great trip.



  1. What a multitude of fritillaries! How neat!

  2. Tom: Wonderful photos. I'm so happy to see one but eleven butterflies, amazing. Nice dragonfly capture, was that Megan that was so brave?

  3. Chris- It was very cool

    Tom- Nope- Not Megan, one of our trip participants.

  4. Those are really big dragonflies! And of course you found a turtle to stick in there!