Friday, July 11, 2008

Lying in Wait

It turns out that Megan and I have another crab spider species lurking amongst the shrubbery of our yard. This one was lurking in our front yard. Just take a look at those eyes.


  1. I think it's beautiful! I never saw a white spider before.

  2. great picture!

    I saw one on campus yesterday, but it hid before I could take its picture.

  3. WOW!! Extremely cool! Is it an albino, or is that just it's color?

  4. Great shot. I have a lot of black eyed susans around here and when the crab spiders are on them they are yellow. If you look at my posting from April 25th there's a photo of the spider in its yellow form. Hopefully the weather will cooperate while you're here in Maine. Do you plan on doing any kayaking?

  5. Tom: Amazing little spider, trying to match the color of the aphids it's eating.

  6. Wonderful photo with the contrasts in color! That's a fascinating looking spider. (I get frustrated that your photos won't pull up to a larger size so I can study them more)

  7. Sandy- Thank you.

    Wren- Thank you, these crab spiders are really cool, and since they are ambush predators, this guy didn't move at all.

    Mom- I think that is just its color.

    John- Thank you. Well, I don't have access to a kayak in Maine, although we do have canoes.

    Guy- Thank you.

    Mary- I uploaded a larger pic for you.

    Thanks everyone.