Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fascinating Furry Creatures

Megan and I continued to move on and after another extremely short walk, we came upon these creatures. The first one was playing in a large grassy area that seemed to be enclosed by some strange geometric latticework. I'm not quite sure what this was. A strange plant whose aerial roots grow at 90 degree angles? A strange geologic formation? Whatever it was, it appeared quite strong, and I wasn't worried as this creatured bolted across our paths.

Next we moved into a cave like structure. Not sure how these animals created this cave, but magically, we were in the center of the cave with massive creatures all around us, separated from them yet again, this time by a clear, very smooth, crystalline rock formation.


  1. Tom: You were very lucky to have that clear barrier to save you from that first wild guy. I love the look of the second one. "What are you doing here" is what I think.

  2. I love that second picture!

  3. Although I appreciate the access to wildlife that zoos & the like permit visitors, as well as some of their endangered animal programs, it still & always hurts my heart to see animals taken from their natural habitats & enclosed for the entertainment of humans. I constantly war with myself about it...the good & the bad. There's no easy answer there...
    But your photos are lovely, as usual!

  4. Way cool primates- Scary when they banged their enclosures however!

  5. Ilove the second picture of the gorilla. He looks like he's in middle to late age. I wonder what that is for a gorilla?? I love to observe them, too. They look so so much like people, amazingly and frighteningly so! Take care of the poison stuff on your face! Hope it gets better.