Monday, June 23, 2008

The Olentangy Runs High

Here's a shot of the water willow beds along the Olentangy River near Kenney Park. Believe it or not, one of the busiest commuter highways in Ohio is just to the right of this river. And between the river and the highway is one of the busiest bike baths in the state of Ohio. These water willow beds are what I look for when I want to photograph damselflies. The little sprites just love these habitats. I often see the females laying eggs on the submerged stems of water willow. This year, the river is quite high compared to last year, when this area had only inches of water in some places. Larger dragons are very difficult to see this year, since most of their basking spots are covered by water. If there are any interesting clubtails around, I'm guessing they are hiding in the trees or along the river bank. The high and turbid water also makes it quite difficult to wade through the stream, limiting my access. I still crossed it on this day, it only came up to my knee. We continue to get rain at least every other day. I'm sure farmers love this, but I'd like the water in the Olentangy to be just a bit more clear!


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