Friday, June 06, 2008

Back from the Islands

Howdy all, I'm back from Kelleys Island, a big hunk of limestone in Lake Erie, where I did an overnight botanizing trip. Pretty cool stuff. Although it was ridiculously hot and humid, quite strange for this early in June. I saw that Cleveland hit 98 degrees today, at least according to data posted at weather underground.

Great pictures from the trip to come soon. Megan and I have been plenty busy with the house search. It is quite a roller coaster process and we hope that it will come to happy end sooner rather than later.

I walked down to the Olentangy River this evening and it is ridiculously high. In fact, a quick visit to the USGS site revealed that the river hit a record for today (June 6th) as far as water discharge. The previous record for this day was about 3700 cubic feet per second, while todays peak was over 5000 cubic feet per second. The 85th percentile value for the day over the last 41 years is only 642 feet per second. To compare last year with this year is fairly amazing as well. During a drought, the discharge was less that 100 cubic feet per second! So right now, the there is more than fifty times more water passing through Kenney park per second that last year. What does that mean? The water is darn high and it is moving really fast- sweep yourself away drown in ten seconds fast. Don't worry, I stayed away. Have a great weekend.



  1. Welcome back & continued good luck w/the house hunting. :) Too much on the river's flow! Next time you're near Lake Erie, please touch her for me & let her know I miss her terribly..?

  2. Look forward to your island shots. A "roller coaster process" should be appropriate in a state with the best coaster park :-) (Sorry...couldn't resist, having been to Cedar Pointe so many times.) Hope you find something soon.

  3. Love hearing about all your adventures! Welcome back!

  4. Tom: After a cold and wet early Spring to get this heat is almost funny. I did well fishing today. I want to get the Grand kids out tomorrow.