Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue-Fronted Dancer Female

Isn't this creature a looker? I spent some time this morning setting up this shot to get it "just right". The camera is actually mounted on a tripod. Damsels like this love to bask along the shorelines of rivers and streams, and I know that I used to pass them off without giving them a good look. But when viewed close up, they have an amazing variety of colors, structures, and behaviors. To me, they are incredibly fascinating. I'm so glad that our home search is over. Megan and I were spending hours each night with the Realtor for several weeks, leaving little time for naturalizing or blogging. Now, we have a bit more free time, but only a bit. Megan is wrapping up her dissertation and soon we'll have to pack up all of our stuff in preparation for the move. We can't wait.



  1. That is a very pretty one! Great picture! I'm constantly amazed by the color in the dragons and damsels! Like flying flowers. Hope you enjoy more days like this before the packing time begins, but once you get in the new house, you will really enjoy it! Thanks for identifying my damsel for me!

  2. Tom: I really like the informtion you share with your post. These little guys land on my fishing pole while on the lake.

  3. That is an amazing creature. I love the blue color. I am always interested about the colors of nature. It is so awesome.

    Hey, I am back blogging. Check out my latest post to see where I have been.

  4. Mary- Thank you, and you are very most welcome. I like doing that sort of stuff.

    Guy- Ahh yes, very nice. I haven't had much of an opportunity to "wet the line" this year. I did catch a few smallmouth early on.

    Travis- Thanks. Sounds interesting, I will have to do that.

  5. Awesome Damselfly!