Saturday, June 07, 2008

Man Missing in Olentangy (Not Me!)

Remember my post about the swollen Olentangy yesterday and how I wouldn't go near the river? I guess this poor young man saw the river and had the opposite thought. Really quite an unfortunate event, it shows you how powerful the river can be during high water events like the one we are currently having. This happened about five to ten miles downstream of where Megan and I live.

Spencer Hunt of the Columbus Dispatch Reports:


  1. That's sad. I'm glad you are smarter then this young man.

  2. Tom: You said it wasn't you, then you turn up missing from your blog. What's up.

  3. Guy-

    Remember the whole house hunting experience? It sucks up a ton of time. We should have an announcement soon though!

    Rest assured, I'm still here.