Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hayden Run Falls- An Artistic Impression

And here it is- This image I shot at the base of the falls. I shot the file in RAW. Use Canon's Digital Photo Professional, I converted it to black and white, applied a digital "red" filter, and upped the contrast. Yesterday, biology and geology, today, art.

And for Jennifer, I really think I should paint this scene. Thanks a bunch for the idea.

Also- for Swamp Thing- This gorge is carved out of the Mississipian aged limestone. If I were at work, I could give you the exact name of this limestone. The orangish color from yesterday's photo may have been slightly more saturated and rich than it appears in real life, but to really be sure, I should print out the photo and return to the sight to see how I did. Thanks everyone for taking a look at my photos.

As for what is in store, I've been working on two things- First, I've been experimenting with podcasts, and hope to have a post from a nature hike I took in my old stomping grounds of Munroe Falls, Ohio. I will no longer be silent- you'll get to here my actual voice.

Second- I've seen three species of turtles so far this season prowling the waters of Ohio, and I have both video and pictures that are forthcoming.

Third- Megan and I spent about six hours shopping yesterday at the Easton Town Center Mall (if you read Zick's blog you've seen her posts about Easton), and it was a great little diversion for us. We finished off the evening with fancy martinis (I had ice cream!) at a chocolate cafe (yes, most things have chocolate in them sans a few soups and sandwiches) with our friends James and Kathleen over in the Grandview area.


  1. Stunning and I now look forward to up coming posts also

  2. Thanks Tom. Also, I've really enjoyed sky watch Fridays, what a great idea, and it is very exciting to see what everyone comes up with for their sky themed posts.

  3. Absolutely poetic. I haven't learned to shoot in RAW yet.

  4. This would make a great print to hang on the wall, it's nice and relaxing to look at.

  5. .
    Really nice photograph.

    You did a great job on this one.


  6. Okay, you blew everything out of my mind when you wrote "chocolate café". ;-) A seriously good picture, and it sounds like you have some very interesting things coming up!

  7. Ooh, a pretty waterfall B&W (great conversion, btw!) AND an ice cream martini - mmmmm!

  8. Great work on the photo, Tom. It sounds as if you've been mighty busy and have a full schedule of upcoming activities.

    Congratulations on getting your podcasts up and running. Now I regret even more the fact that my slow Internet connections forces me to shun podcasts and videos. Maybe someday......