Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Furry Woodland Creature

April 21, 2008.

The best image of a fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) that I have managed to get to date. I was scoping out some map turtles on the bank of the Olentangy when this creature came running my way. It was quite surprised when it saw me, but it stuck around for about 30 seconds, allowing me to fire two salvos with my camera. Looking at this relatively cute looking, fluffy animal almost makes me forget a warm early summer evening last year when Megan and I watched from below as fox squirrel raided a blue-gray gnatcatcher's nest with both parents scolding the creature as it ate their eggs.



  1. Why are they so mean?!? Evil, I say.

  2. Tom: Great squirrel picture in the wild. Those little buggers do move quickly.

  3. Cute little guy! No point being mad at him for taking his place in the food chain, but I'm glad I didn't witness the nest predation.

  4. That's a nice photo, and good lighting! I agree w/Wren, circle of life and all that.

  5. I'm sorry if they eat bird eggs, but how can anyone not like such cute squirrels. I always have several around and they visit the feeders daily. I have such fun watching the crazy positions they get in to eat.

  6. Lovely picture of the most evil creature that's ever roamed America! Ahem. Sorry, but they're NOT my friends, as you probably know. *L*