Monday, February 25, 2008

14 Orchid Photographs to Brighten Your Winter

Yesterday morning, Megan and I toured the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus's Olde Towne East neighborhood. This beautiful Victorian era glasshouse and botanical conservatory exhibits orchids each winter. The conservatory also holds a large and impressive collection of Chihuly glass, which they have beautifully integrated throughout their artificial botanical wonderlands. More on Chihuly's works tomorrow, but this evening, I thought I would help everyone here in the Midwest escape from our winter doldrums. Snow, you may be coming, but in Columbus, we have a tiny piece of the tropics that can be enjoyed year round.



  1. Hey, you only needed to post one orchid to get me to smile! So, now you will get 14 huge smiles! Bravo shots!

  2. Nice antidote for chilling winds.
    My froggies have hunkered deep into the grass beneath snow and ice.
    Tomorrow another blast will hit as temps plummet throughout the day.

    But, the weekend sounds hopeful.
    Maybe I should head to a conservatory!

  3. They are beautiful!
    Did you enjoy Chihuly?
    I saw Chihuly in Pittsburgh at the Phipps Conservatory. It was awesome.

  4. Wow, this is really a sign of spring. Nice photographs, Tom.

  5. You're killing me here, Tom. Columbus isn't THAT far away and I'm lusting after orchids right now in the worst way! We're going to the Ft. Wayne Home and Garden Show on Thursday and usually there is an orchid dealer there. Heaven help me.

  6. Monarch- Thank you very much. It was great fun taking these images and Megan was a great sport for putting up with all my picture taking.

    Nina- Thank you. Here in Columbus we've gotten another wintry mix day without much snow accumulation on teh ground. Franklin Park is definitely worth the trip. It isn't a huge place, but they pack a ton of great things into the space that they do have.

    Toni- The Chihuly brings back good memories (I have seen it there several times since it first was installed in 2003) and each time I see it, it grows on me. More on this a bit later.

    Abe- Hah! You made me laugh early this morning when I first read these comments.

    Kylee- You should come visit the conservatory if you are ever in c-town! I couldn't believe your post this morning- we barely got any accumulation in Columbus today. Mostly rain.

    Lana- You are welcome.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my blog, look at my images, and to leave your impressions. It is much appreciated.


  7. Oh Tom, I've been there several times. Just do a search at the top of my blog for Franklin Park and it will bring up the posts about it. I just love it there!

  8. Wow! These are beautiful photos. Thanks for these, it's really nice to see a sign of Spring. Although it is Summer, believe it or not we have had snow in Hobart! Even where I live it's freezing cold. So, sounds like you've had warmer weather than we have recently!


    David Webb: Photographer

    p.s. I really love that last one :D

  9. What beautiful and delicate flowers, a much needed sight during the winter that will never end!
    Great pictures!

  10. Wow Tom I didn't know that there are that many. These are really nice shots. Anna :)

  11. David- Its snowy here right now, so I turned to the conservatory for these orchid images. Hobart is in Tasmania, right? I didn't make it to that island but I here it is a fantastic place! The last orchid image is my favorite as well. Megan pointed out that it looks like it has little bugs on its petals.

    Hi Chris- Winter will soon be over! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Anna- Yeah, the orchidaceae is the most diverse flowering plant families on the earth. There are over 22,000 species! I'm glad you enjoyed these images.

    Thanks everyone!