Saturday, June 09, 2007

Animals that Come to an Artificial Backyard Pond

A few days ago, I showed a picture of a dragonfly. At that time, I didn't name it, but its common name is the "blue dasher". The sunlight washed out the colors in the last photo. Upon returning home from work this evening, I spotted a male blue dasher (females aren't blue at all) once again circling our goldfish pond, but this time, he was stopping to bask on the limestone slabs rimming the pool. I grabbed Megan's camera and got a few shots. In addition, a confused and perhaps trapped American Toad seems to be lingering in our pond. It has been a good two months before we first started hearing and seeing toads in the pond. This one might have just fallen in one night while foraging for food. Unfortunately, the pond level is low due to a lack of rain, and if the toad hasn't found his way out by tomorrow, I may give him some assistance.


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