Sunday, June 17, 2007

A day on the River

Yesterday I spent a good two hours photographing cool stuff along the Olentangy. One new "tool" i used yesterday was a five dollar bug net Megan and I purchased at Target. I figured that I might be able to catch a few damselflies and get some extremely closeup pictures. For the powdered dancer shot I posted yesterday, I was actually very carefully holding the damselfly with my fingers. Today, I have posted yet another shot, this time of a stream bluet, I believe, where you can see just how small these guys are. You can clearly see my thumbnail. Other cool things from yesterday were a new type of damselfly. Although it looks pretty similar to the other ones I have been posting, it was a wee bit smaller than the stream bluets and the blue coloration on the abdomen isn't the same. In this picture, the top parts of the last three adomen segments are blue, which would rule out the stream bluet.

I also was able to capture a very nice picture of the tiger swallowtail. This is the first example of this species I have seen in Kenney Park, but hopefully there will be more. My Target bug net doubles as a good tadpole catcher, and sure enough, I was able to snag a relatively slow swimming bullfrog tadpole.

A fun day on the river (until I dropped my camera in the water, I was able to rescue the pictures from the memory card).





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  1. How's your camera?

  2. The camera is now just a silver box that you can't put anything in except AA batteries....Oh Well.....It took quite a few excellent pictures for me!