Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finally, Rain,

Finally, the rain fell on the Olentangy River here in Columbus. As I write this, I'm looking out the window and rain continues to fall. It has actually been raining for about two hours now.

On a totally different front, Megan and I will be traveling to Bozeman, Montana next week for one my friend Bryan Swindell's wedding. Bryan and I spent three months sharing a tent as we traveled around Australia. The trip of a lifetime, my time in "the land of Oz" helped me hone my interests in natural history and helped make me realize that I was more interested in helping solve real world environmental problems rather than being a strict scientist that conducts controlled experiments. After I came back from Australia in the spring of 1999, I documented the trip in a web page on a relatively new thing called the "World Wide Web". Check out pictures from the trip here.

I have never been to the great state of Montana, and I'm starting to get the travel bug. Too bad my camera fell in the river last weekend! Hopefully, Megan will let me take plenty of shots with her machine. We may take the laptop on our journey, so I may be able to blog from our hotel room.


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  1. Of course you can take lots of pics Tommy! Let's just bring extra memory with us. :-) Can't believe the trip is almost here!