Monday, June 11, 2007


Megan and I met my family yesterday at Mohican State Park and Forest. We share a meal at a restaurant in Loudonville then visited the Pleasant Hill Dam, on which we were standing while posing for the first picture. My Dad looks confused, I think my Grandpa was looking at a bird or something, my mom, Megan, and I understood to actually look at the camera and smile, and I think Tim was probably looking for girls. Anyways, there we are.


After the dam, we drove down to the cover bridge to see Ohio's newest scenic river, the Clear Fork of the Mohican. What a beaut!

Action along the river was light. I did see an eastern forktail damselfy and a few butterflies. I managed to capture an image of this species. It was checking out some, oh, well, some feces of another animal. At least it sat still and I could photograph it.

Finally, I plant that I do not see very often, but it is common in eastern Ohio forest, and that is purple flowering raspberry, Rubus odoratus. This large leaved raspberry, a native plant, has brilliant purple blooms. This shrub was covered and it made for a spectacular show. This native Ohio species grows well in cultivation. I did a google search and found several nurseries that sell it. Quite a interesting plant that not everyone gets to see, and we saw it in full bloom.
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  1. I didn't see the butterfly or the pretty plants! and I was there! What was I looking at? who knows? They look great!
    Carol Arbour

  2. That's a crazy picture of the family Tommy! Hmmm...what were we doing? I didn't know it was the state's newest scenic river...did you tell me that?