Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Azure Bluet

I have just about tapped all my Maine images and I will be returning Ohio material soon; even so, many of these species I have been sharing can also be observed in the buckeye state and other locales around the Midwest and Great Lakes.  Let me know if you're enjoying my daily posting schedule.  I'll just keep sharing until I run out cool things to find; and you know that will never happen! (*or, realistically, until Megan and I usher a new human being into this world come mid-October.)

The azure bluet is an absolutely stunning damselfly.  I must admit that I've photographed hundreds of bluets over the past 10 years, but I have not put in the work needed to sort them out and truly learn them all.  That's a project for the winter as I'm currently sorting through all my images of wild creatures with the eventual goal of hosting them in galleries at my Smugmug website.  For now, the bird gallery (Aves) is complete; every species of wild bird I have ever photographed is represented there. I'd appreciate it if you took some time to explore what I've posted there- it's been fun to build, but a ton of work!


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