Sunday, August 21, 2016

Evening Ride Along the Olentangy

Olentangy River at I-270

Antrim Park

Alloway St. E.

We're back from Munroe Falls; we had a great time at the Hill family reunion on Saturday, and this morning we visiting my grandmother.  After the two-hour drive back to Columbus, I decided to take the bike out for an evening ride on the Olentangy trail.  The number of riders is nearly zero on Sunday evenings, my favorite time of the week to go for a ride.  The temperatures in the lower 70's really made for a perfect ride.

I first went north as far as I could go, pausing to photograph the location where the I-270 interchange with State Route 315 is being re-worked.  Then down to Antrim Park, where I stopped and watched the flock of mixed-parentage mallards.  Then finally home where I spotted the contrast between clouds and Norway spruce as I pulled into our driveway.

Have a great week,


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