Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Prince's Pine, aka Pipsissewa

Before I left Ohio for our trip to Maine, I was speaking with one of our preserve managers about the Prince's Pine or Pipsissewa, Chimaphila umbellata. This tiny little shrub in the heath family grows less than a foot tall, and has seemingly become quite rare in Ohio (not that it ever was common).  I've never seen it here, and after my conversation with our manager at Conkles Hollow, I learned it no longer occurs there either.  I happened to wonder upon on my exit from the Witt Swamp Preserve in Norway Maine, owned by the Western Foothills Land Trust. What's funny, is that in my excitement headed into the swamp, I completely missed the giant patch right at the entrance.  I spotted it on the way out, and thought how lucky I was to see a plant that has become quite rare in Ohio.  Have you seen this denizen of acidic habitats?  If so, where?


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