Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eastern Garter Snake

We've got snakes in our yew bushes at the office.  Two of them- I would gander a male and a female, as we saw them pretty tightly intertwined the other day. I snapped this shot on Monday.  I've started bringing my full set of camera gear to work.  Why the heck not?  I can get everything to fit in a shoulder bag.

At home we have been experiencing the let-down of a post vacation week.  AND we all have caught colds.  Yippee! I've got plenty of things on my mind and I've been using the camera to document autumn.  That's right, goodbye summer, hello fall!



  1. Two garter snakes have taken up residence in my garage. I don't know if they plan to stay for the winter, or if they just like being in a quiet, relatively secluded space. Recently, the snakes were accompanied by a toad. A few days ago, I came upon one of the snakes with the toad halfway down its throat.

  2. Nic. I have so many memories of garter snakes- theynwere very common where I lived as a child. They lve eating toads- I encountered several just how you describe. Our snakes are haning out in our shrubs- about three feet off the ground. These same bushes are full of large Chinese prayiying Mantises that seem to be getting fewer and fewer each day!

  3. Ha! I was a toad-loving (geeky) kid and once found a garter snake lunching on a toad. I pulled the toad out to freedom. Not many 10 year old girls can claim that I bet!