Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Bouquet

Yesterday an image from my morning commute, and today, a photograph from my lunch break, this time with the "big gun".

How many species you can identify?  I don't have an answer...but I'm counting them up myself!



  1. Sure is a lot of color in this photo Tom.

  2. Yes- Not one for those with red/green deficiency- which Weston has a 50% chance of having... Yep, the subject here really isn't the plants, it's all about the color...But I've been having fun picking out at least six species of plants in this photo. I'm wondering if some of the other botanists in the crowd can find more?


  3. Beautiful!! I can tell it's... um, not SoCal chaparral [which, I should add, is also very beautiful].

  4. Thanks Luisa- I'd really like to visit California and explore the Chaparral one day. My only experiences with it are either when its on fire and being shown on TV, or from old TV shows like Star Trek where Chaparral always seemed to be the botanical habitat of the strange planets the explorers would encounter.