Saturday, July 09, 2011

Telephoto Views of Rocky Mountain National Park

Have you noticed that very long telephoto and very wide angle shots are trendy amongst today's photographers?  Each night before I go to bed, I use the Life "app" to review the day's top photos.  With almost predicatble regularity, each image is an extreme wide angle or a long telephoto.  What happened to the good 'ole days of the 50mm equivalent lens?  I think that focal lenght has died for photojournalism.

Anyways, As I was shooting in RMNP, I often had my long telephoto lens on the camera to capture wildlife.  Why not capture the interesting details 10 miles across the valley as well? 



  1. We must have been there at about the same time - I've been posting about some of the same things on my blog for the past few days. Your photos are far superior, of course, and it's fun to see someone else's perspective!

  2. Thanks Rebecca- After looking at your posts, it looks like we both visited the park it late June. I had a great time visiting and photographing the park- the elk, the mountains, and the just everything make it a great place to visit.