Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Banner, Wider Blog Layout, Wider Pictures and Video

One cure for the blog blues is to change your blog layout.  I've done that this evening, upping my blogging space to 900 pixels, which means you'll see bigger pictures here in the future.  I'll also be able to post wider videos too. And I've added a new blog banner to represent the summer season.  Can you believe I captured that image with the camera on the Iphone 4?  I snapped it on my way to work.  I've driven by this apparently abandonded farmhouse for a year, waiting for the right light and time to photograph it.  The mature wheat provided a perfect foreground, and the warm morning light was idyllic.  I hope you enjoy the new layout!



  1. Very nice...! I really need to do something about my old dog-blog...