Sunday, July 03, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park

Moraine Park, part of Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, Colorado.

I'm  back.  Make that we're back.  From Rocky Mountain National Park.  What a spectacularly wonderfully awesome place.  The break from blogging was welcome- I concentrated on making great images in the park.  Thanks to Megan's brother for Sam for picking a pretty amazing place to get married- Estes Park, Colorado.

Over the past few weeks I've thought about the future of this blog- where I want to take it, if I want to take it forward.  I've been doing this since 2006.  I welcome your comments.




  1. Oh wow, that is so beautiful!! You take the best pictures. Great eye.

  2. Please stay with it, Tom.
    A blog, well done (which yours is!), is a TON of work. And I wrestle with the same question every so often.
    But, if I have to look at it selfishly, weighing time I have invested versus what I get out of my own blog, although I'd like to think I do it for others' benefit, I always feel I get more than I give.
    It forces me to better understand what I'm trying to explain, take the better picture, look a little harder for my subject.

    Would you miss it? Maybe not.
    Would you have more time, if you weren't tied to the blog? Absolutely.
    Would you drive yourself the same way, if not putting blog-worthy posts together? (for me, the answer here is "no.")
    Would we miss you--YES.

  3. You would be missed, I defintely enjoy your blog and your photography however I can also understand the difficulty and time that it takes. Maybe post less but increase the images/words ? Anyway the decision is yours.

  4. You should go another 5 years! I enjoy your posts!

  5. Thanks everyone, and to Nina especially. Although I am not leaning towards an exit from blogging, I am leaning towards an ending of "The Ohio Nature Blog". As I have grown as a photographer, I just find the title of this site too restrictive for me going forward.

    Another real big reason for ending this blog, taking a break and then making a clean new start: This blog is loaded with posts and things from work. I can't ever monetize this blog, ever. That's fine, but as I grow as a photographer, it's something that I might want to at least have the option to do, and I just can't do that here. So there are lots of thoughts going through my head right now- I thank everyone for reading this blog over the past five years and I will keep you updated.


  6. Glad we'll still be able to find you out here in the blog world!
    I started a photography site, independent of my blog, for much the same reason. Although no higher authority restricts commercial enterprise on my blogger site, my own desire was to keep blogger non-profit and open a portal to a commercial site that is accessible from it, but not part of it.
    But it means tending 2 sites.
    With home-life and work-life priorities, blog-life takes a hit.
    Your photography is first-class.
    I'm glad you're continuing to expand it!