Friday, June 03, 2011

Following the Light

Sometimes, good light can lead you to an interesting subject to photograph. I am sitting on our back deck enjoying this perfect weather. A beam of golden light shines across the back yard, lighting up a patch of the grass. I need to mow, but why not set my iPhone right down in the grass where the light is fantastic?

I come away with what I think is a pretty good image of our suburban, backyard lifestyle!

So with no real idea of what type if image I wanted to make, I just followed the light, and this is what I came up with. What do you think? Can you see any of the bugs crawling in the grass? I can't tell with the small screen of the phone. Happy weekend!


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Location:Linworth Rd E,Columbus,United States


  1. Thanks for the info on the picture. I would never have thought it was a rose or related to the Multi Flora in a wild way. I remember buying several multi flora roses at Spring Hill Nursery and planted them in a row in a line between our alley and the property. They grew like crazy and got thick enough so that I don't think anything would go through it. I did have to eventually take them out but don't remember the details.That was when we were first married and lived in Gordon. I suspect they came out because we have several small babies crawling and running around.

    This photo turned out very well. I like to take photos like this. I use a Lumix for it as you can press the shutter down half way and it will focus and then the rest of the way to click the shutter.

    So I would squat down and put the camera on my foot or shoe and then press half way to focus and then the rest of the way to take the shot. It resulted in a lot of shots I would never be able to get unless I laid flat on my stomach and took the picture.

  2. Thanks Abe-

    Its fun to have different types of cameras to get different types of shots. For thus image, I was laying on my belly, but I was shooting with the iPhone. It's tiny lens let me nestle the phone right down into the grass. By big camera would just have squashed all the grass down.

    Yeah, I don't think multiflora rose is planted very much anymore, but it used to be extremely popular. I think it's virtues were even extolled by Louis Bromfield in his writings.