Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What goes around eventually comes around, and I have been bitten by the technology bug, unfortunately.  My #1 computer is down for the count- The mirrored RAID array in my Dell computer has failed, and my two redundant hard drives are inoperable.   By going with a system that had two redundant hardrives, I was being extra cautious- or so I thought.  In the end, it wasn't the hard drives that went bad, but the system that creates the two copies screwed up each hard drive.  FORTUNATELY, I'm only going to loose a few months of photographs that weren't backed up.  With a combination of  online backup using Backblaze and manually backing up photographs on DVD, I consider myself very fortunate

Nevertheless, since my #1 computer is inoperable (right now I'm using an ancient Mac on permanent loan to me by a friend), my digital photography workflow will be seriously hampered, and the usual photography centric posts on this blog will come to a temporary pause.  The blessing in disguise?  Perhaps this is an opportunity to brush up on my nature writing.



  1. Oh Tom...bummer :{ I'll miss you !!
    Hope you can get it all together!!

  2. Oh, NO. How awful. Thank heaven you had backup #99. Best of luck, and, yes, maybe brush off that fountain pen! =)

  3. Tom,

    In a way, it's good to hear that this happened to you--not that it's good that it happened to you-- but because I was relying on the same double-hard-drive redundancy. A few months ago, I splurged and backed-up with an online backup service for all my files. Based on what happened to you, I'm glad that I did. I feel back for you.

  4. Did I mention I hate computers?

    So the solution being what, all online back up and no hardware?

  5. Thanks Everyone-

    Butch- Yes...I've heard that we're going to just have data floating around in cumulus clouds, or something like that. Crazy.