Thursday, September 02, 2010

This Day, Minus Three Years

Isn't it amazing how digital cameras allow us to document practically ever day of our lives?  I take photos almost every day, and I'm starting to build up quite a collection- over 300 Gigabytes of still images.  I'm using a service called Backblaze to backup my important files to "the cloud" so that if our house burns down, I won't loose them all.  The problem with this process is that it is slower than molasses when you've got to send over 500 gigabytes across the internet.  I've been uploading data to them for a month almost nonstop, and I've sent just over 130 GB.  As long as I don't create data faster than I upload it, I figure that eventually, I'll have everything backed up on a remote server in San Francisco.

From time to time, I check what's been backed up, and all of my photos from 2007 have been uploaded.  It's hard to believe I've gone from exclusively point and shoot photography to where I am today, but time does fly.  Tonight I asked the question, just what was I doing on this day back in 2007?  It wasn't hard to figure out.  Megan and I were celebrating our  first wedding anniversary a day early by attending her friend's wedding at the Cincinnati Nature Center.  As we left to head back to the hotel, I snapped this amazing shot of the beloved white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus.

I find it pretty amazing that I can go back and know what I was doing exactly three years ago todayAnd it's just only going to get worse since everybody is carrying a capable cell phone camera with them, we'll all be documenting every waking moment of our lives.  Here is the image that I took on this day three years ago- What was the subject of your "three years ago" photograph?



  1. Oooh fun, Tom. A trip down Memory Lane.

    Nothing on the 2nd, but eggplant flowers, foxtail grass, and Indian grass on September 1, 2007 --close enough?


  2. Interesting! Since I take mostly nature shots, I don't always leave them sorted by date. It seemed to make more sense to sort them by the type of bird or by certain places I go a lot. So my photo organization is rather a mess at the moment :-) Happy anniversary!

  3. Bob- Very cool. I can't say I've ever really examined eggplant flowers, or for that matter, got any very good shots of Indian Grass.

    Mary- Thanks for the congrats! It's hard to believe it's been four years. I keep all of my images in a folder that's name is the date that I took the photos on. Since I have a fairly good chronological brain, the system works so far. In 20 years, It might not work quite as well!