Sunday, October 03, 2010

Computer Update

As most of you know, this past week I had a major computer crash and my hard drives became un-bootable.  I've been shut down since then.

Well, not entirely- I'm actually writing this post from the problem computer.  But the computer isn't running Windows- It's using an Ubuntu Linux OS straight from a CD.  I must say, it's sort of cool using a computer without any hard drives- It reminds me of my Apple IIe days back in the late 80's and early 90's.  Put in your program on a disk, and it runs just perfectly.

With the help of my friend James, we were able to determine that both of my hard drives are actually completely fine, and I will be able to recover any data that I had previously lost.  In fact, it's already been recovered on a brand new tiny little 750 GB external hard drive I picked up at Microcenter yesterday.

That being said, my digital photography workflow is currently non-existant.  I haven't picked up my camera since all this happened, and to be perfectly honest, I've enjoyed my time away from the gear.  Nature photography had definitely turned into a second job (without pay) for me, and the break from being constantly behind a lens feels like a much needed vacation.



  1. Hi Tom...Its to bad your having all these issues ,but you know sometimes the things we enjoy consumes us to the point where we think can't live without it!!
    Taking a break and enjoying that little guy of your sounds like a good thing!!

  2. Sometime you need to step back for a bit and it takes something like a hard drive crash to do it. I've been off doing some sports and landscape photography. I've found it refreshing to get away from the 1:1 world for a while.

  3. =) Congrats re: computer--SUPER good news.

    Yesterday it was raining as we saw the best views of fall aspens in the eastern Sierras (hiking) so I got NO pictures but, like you, it was kind of freeing to have a forced vacation from photography. Of course, I now have no pics, but had a lovely experience.