Friday, January 08, 2010

When Iguanas Drop from Trees.......

After hearing about Iguanas going into a temporary torpor in Florida from our recent cold snap, I wondered if I could find a map that showed what areas of the country are currently covered with snow. It's so snowy right now, that we could fly from New York City to Los Angeles without ever seeing bare ground until the last little bit of the flight.

Here's that video of non-native Iguanas dropping from the trees in southern Florida.



  1. Personally I worry about our local frogs & anoles. It's the coldest here since it's been in the '80s. 16F temps tomorrow. <:(

  2. I saw this on ABC this morning, and feel so bad for all the critters that aren't built for this change in the weather.
    Here in SW NY state, we have had 65" of snow since Jan 1st, and the temp is 14ยบ
    Not fit for man nor beast!, (but after all it is winter!)

  3. Of course, I am headed to Miami today! Shall I bring you an Igauna?


    PS. I don't care what they say, 50 degrees still sounds balmy to me.