Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Best Camera....

Good Morning Squirrel, originally uploaded by Tom Arbour. the one that's with you. That's the title of a book about iphone photography by Chase Jarvis, and I have to agree with him. Yesterday morning, while driving to work headed east along Worthington's Dublin Granville Road, the sky was on fire with purples, pinks, and indigo blue. This was just too good of a sky not to photograph, and as I came to a park along the south side of the road, I knew that I had to pull over. My camera of choice? My trusty new Canon D10, waterproof and ultra-durable, served me well on this cold, dry morning.


  1. you bought the blueberry? i only buy canon, but had to pass on this one...

  2. I agree. For a while I even went NOWHERE w/o a least until my car was stolen with my camera inside. <:(
    Now that I've replaced my little PowerShot A570IS, however, there's no reason not to have it tucked away in my pocket at any given time.
    Stunning shot, of course!

  3. David, David, David, my good friend, I believe that you have missed the point of this post.

  4. That photo is gorgeous! The colors are soooooo pretty! I'm glad you had a camera....any camera...with you to take it!

  5. I was caught by the picture.
    But remember the best camera in the world are our eyes. .