Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Are you Cold Yet?

Just in case this eastern U.S. cold snap doesn't have you in the mood for winter, or if it's not cold where you live, this video is for you. The weather was amazingly brisk on this day last week in Maine. With a high of 10 degrees or so, you can only imagine what the wind chill was like.


P.S. The line down the middle of the video is flare from the sun.


  1. Brrrrrr! Didn't your hands freeze holding the camera for that long?

  2. YES I'm cold. It's unusually cold down here now & I'm no longer acclimatized to it. My husband's walking around the house naked, complaining of how hot it is, while I shiver under a blanket on the couch, clad in a shirt & sweater, sweatpants & my "warm" socks. I can see it's going to be hard for us once I hit menopause. <:\

  3. I wasn't cold until watching your video! Love how the snow was blowing across the frozen pond.