Monday, November 09, 2009

The Mossman

Just call me the Mossman!

I spent the weekend at the Edge of Appalachia Preserve in Adams County attending a moss identification workshop taught by Dr. Barbara Andreas, who I have had the fortune of botanizing and naturalizing with several times in the past. She knows her mosses!

I'm completely exhausted after spending the weekend looking through a compound microscope- it was intense. Mosses are so small that they are identified looking at really tiny parts- like the shape of their leaf cells, and weather or not there are any bumps on the cells. Pretty cool stuff!

I had a great deal of fun, learned a ton of new things, and after three days, I was completely wiped out, hence the lack of pictures in this post.

More to come soon, including photos of the incredible Edge of Appalachia Preserve and other botanical wonder sites in Adams County, Ohio.

Enjoy your week. We government employees get a big day off right in the middle of it, thanks to Veterans Day.


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