Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quick Pic- Earth Worm

Good day everyone. It is a bright and sunny morn here in Worthington, Ohio, and I'm about to head out to the links with my father-in-law. Yesterday wasn't so pretty, gray and rainy, but that type of weather can be amazing for photography.

Here's a worm that I just happened to see on our driveway. Unfortunately, I probably ran over it with my car tires, but perhaps it was dropped by a Robin? Nature isn't always pretty, and this is a perfect example of that. Although I didn't examine this further, I'm wondering if this is the invasive earthworm that I've been hearing about. The ones with the rainbow sheen and setae all around their bodies. I'll have to take a closer look when I get back, but maybe you can see these characteristics. I uploaded the image at a larger size this morning. Hope you have a fantastic Saturday, and that the rain has past you by.

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  1. Eewww. Gross. Reminds me of seventh grade science class. I hope your next post has some pretty spring flowers.

  2. Invasive earthworms--now that's something to start the eebie-jeebies!

    Happy Easter, Tom.
    I posted some turtles for Weston. :-)

  3. Jana- You got it.

    Hi Nina, happy Easter to you as well. Thanks very much.