Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Morning and Happy Easter

Daffodils, from Inniswood Metrogardens. I'll have more images soon.

To all, a brilliant good morning here in Central Ohio, and to those that celebrate, Happy Easter.

We've had a big weekend. Weston has had a big weekend. My family (brother, parents, two grandparents) and Megan's family (two parents, grandmother) have come from far and wide to visit us today for Weston's baptism. Today we'll be welcoming more friends and family to the house. It has been fun watching Weston watch all these new faces. To say he is the center of attention would be an understatement.

Hope everyone is enjoying a sunny morning like we are here in Central Ohio.

Tom, Megan, and Weston.


  1. What a wonderful blessing for Easter...a baptism! Easter blessings to all of you!

  2. Perfect and wonderful morning for a baptism! Happy Easter to you and your family, Tom! We DO celebrate!

    Ah, Inniswood. Absolutely love that place!

  3. Happy Easter to you and to your family from Patty and me. Thanks too for your visits.

  4. A Happy Easter to all the family!

  5. Mary- Thank you very much.

    Kylee- Thank you. I need to go back to Inniswood when more things are blooming.

    Abe- You are welcome and Thank you.

    Swampy- Thanks very much. How 'bout sending a free tree frogs my way? Just drop them a little note that says go to Ohio and see me. Ok. I'm getting punchy I think.