Friday, April 17, 2009

Evening Webs

Well, one work week in the books, almost. It has been a crazy week and it didn't end at all how I was expecting it to. Some of my facebook and or twitter friends may have caught that I was planning to join NEON and Cleveland Museum of Natural History folks at a swamp in Trumbull County. On my way up I-71 in the work vehicle, my brakes didn't respond the first time I tried to stop. Fortunately, after the second and third pumps, I felt some pressure build up, and I decided I could stop the car if I were to get off the ramp. This I did, and turned around, back to Columbus. I called our famous named fix-it shop, it was magically picked up by them, repaired, and returned later that afternoon. The service manager told me over the phone that the rear brake "just fell apart in their hands" when they took the wheel off. New rear brakes, new front brakes too. Nice. Very nice.

So that was my Thursday, expecting to survey a beautiful wetland, but stuck in the office. What could be worse? How about getting sick. I started getting a sore throat last night, and it was worse this morning, so I stayed home to spare my office the wrath of yet more illness. I slept most of the day.

This evening I dared to brave the sunny 70 degree temperatures by stepping out onto our deck. Our tall grass, the last to be mowed in the neighborhood, shimmered in the sun. What seemed like a billion cobweb strands glistened. Still images didn't capture the slow waving movements, so I got out the video camera. Isn't this cool? Insects abounded in the back yard too, flying about it circular motions all across the neighborhood. Our backyard has awakened from its winter slumber, now if I can just kick this crud, I'm set. I'm sure bats will be flying, maybe I can stay awake a few more hours.

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  1. Wondrous video! Nice to think about tiny spiderlings going out into the world.

    So glad your brakes didn't kill you and hope you're better soon.

  2. Yikes - I'm glad you're ok and the brakes are now fixed. And I hope you're feeling better today to enjoy the beautiful weather. Great video of the cobwebs!

  3. That's amazing! What a blessing that the brake didn't fall apart until after you made it to the repair shop! Hope you'll be feeling better soon!

  4. Tom: My you live in a webby world. That was a neat sight and it was like the yard wide web. The YWW for sure.
    I had that same problem with brales last year.

  5. That was a hairy tale with the brakes. Fate decreed you got to the repair shop. Fabulous vid. I've been off just about everything, facebook, blogging due to work. My virtual social life is on hold.

  6. The video of the webs, is indeed cool.

    That was scary re your brakes. So glad you were okay.

    Hope you're feeling better soon..

  7. What a neat video!! Never thought of doing that.Great idea!

  8. it's so pretty, like silvery magic!

  9. lot of action and sound there Sandy

  10. Great video of the webs, that's something you can't capture with one picture. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That's cool how the video shows the movement. Glad you had at least one magic moment in your day :-) Thankful you found the brake problem soon enough even if you missed the swamp. Get well, soon and don't give it to Megan and Weston!

  12. Beautiful! And you're right: no still photo could have captured the play of light on the strands, so great idea!

  13. Cool video!
    I once had a rear brake fly apart in the wheel--the car just could not move. Glad it happened when I stopped at a service station!
    Feel better soon. <:(

  14. Jain- Thanks, cold still here.

    Thanks Kathleen

    Adrienne- I got lucky, still have the cold though.

    Thanks Tonya.

    Tom- I've talked to half a dozen people that have gone through a bad brakes episode.

    Babooshka- It can take a lot of work to manage all the social networking sites that we all belong too.

    Karen, thanks for the well wishes.

    Chris and Jon- It was one of those things that just came to me. The slow movement just screamed to be videotaped.

    Thanks Dianne, yes, it was amazingly beautiful.

    Sandy- Yes, i love that video also adds sound. Another dimension.

    Dirk- Yes. Thank you.

    Mary, it has been hard to stay away from Weston more so than normal. Hopefully I'm not contagious anymore, but we'll see.

    Kendris- Thanks very much.

    Lana- Crazy story, glad it ended OK. Thanks again.

  15. Love the moisture and light on the web

  16. Very cool video! Be grateful your brake problem didn't wind up badly! Hope you feel better soon.

  17. Tom! This is SO cool! Very creative.

    I'm glad your brake problem has been resolved. So glad you're safe!

  18. Sorry about the brakes I know how expensive that can be, the video is amazing, I love the delicate nature of the webs !!