Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're Back from Maine

And, I have created a new blog to feature my photography. I choose a URL that might suggest it will just be macro photography, but here, any type of photo will go. I just tried my best to come up with a catchy title. At the new blog, there will be no words, just pictures.

And I have posted the first large image of what I expect to be many more. What a wonderful time we had in Maine. The foliage was blazing with light.

See one of my favorite shots from the trip at:



  1. Gorgeous! I want to see more- I can't believe that I grew up around such beautiful foliage and took it for granted...

  2. Thanks Megan. You may have had the most spectacular school bus ride in the nation.

  3. It surely is a nice photograph of a lovely scene, Tom.