Friday, October 05, 2007

New York City

Doesn't lower Manhattan look so strange without the World Trade Towers?

Megan and I are having fun staying with her grandmother in New York City. We arrived this afternoon, hung out at the apartment for a bit on the upper west side, and then headed to Chinatown! Don't think you can naturalize in NYC? Well, how about looking at all the interesting things available to eat here.....

Squid, cappie, and even bluegill could all be purchased from streetside markets.

New York is an amazing place, truly buzzing with millions of people at all hours of the day. It is really hard to get a little peace and quiet outside. And almost every inch of Manhattan is manicured. There is very little naturalized vegetation at all. There aren't even any weedy lots. I did look up and see a bit of goldenrod growing on top of a building. That was interesting to see. I'm not sure if someone had planted it or what! If you haven't been to Manhattan, it sure is a place to see.


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