Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Stand for the American Rubyspot

Temperatures have been up, and a few damselflies are still holding on down at the Olentangy. The stream bluets and dancers have disappeared, but I saw one female and this rather calm male this evening.

According to the Ohio Odonata website, an American rubyspot has never been documented in November. Will our warm weather hold out?

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  1. Wow this is such a nice close up photograph. Anna :)

  2. Anna,

    Thank you. I checked out your blog. Very nice photos. I took these pictures with a cheapo Sigma 70-300 lens (non-apo version) that has a switch that enables close focusing to a magnification ratio of 1:2. I added a bit of light using the onboard flash on my Rebel XTI.

  3. Fantastic photo- well done!

  4. Mooi shot van de Libelle, mooi van kleur.I like it.