Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Do Squirrels Have Lips?

I have never noticed this before, but check out this photo I snapped of a gray squirrel chowing down on some bird seed in my street:

They sure do have interesting little strips of hair that really look like lips. I'm not sure of their function, but beware of a juicy lipped squirrel near you.

Today was a pretty interesting day, bird wise, at 301 Girard.

I had:

Junco 1
White crowned least two
2 Common Grackles
1 female downy woodpecker
Over 30 mourning doves
1 white breasted nuthatch
2-3 carolina chickadees
The ubiquitous house sparrow
Gray squirrels
1 red squirrel.

Here is the white throated sparrow. This is the first time I've seen them in the road feeding on Marvin's bird seed that he tosses out from his yard every day.

My shot of a common grackle: I had two, this one was OK, but the other one had a gimpy leg, and my bet is that he doesn't make it through the winter.

Finally, I decided to forget about taking photos of birds in my front yard at the end of my ultra-crappy street and head back to Kenny Park to try to get some photographs of deer. Well, about 30 seconds after entering the woods a young buck walked slowly towards me. I got of a few shots of absolutely nothing but blur. I found some cool wrens checking out the rotten crotch of a large silver maple, then I crazy black lab came racing down the trail, straight past me, and at the time, I thought he would be on the trail of the buck. Anyways.......A few hundred feet later I met eyes with the buck again, this time face to face. I started walking towards him and finally I saw him, his head locked into an upright stare. Wohhh was my first reaction, I turned on the camera, even though there wasn't enough light, I fired off a few shots. Here was the best. I'll get a better one next time! I'm sure this buck lives here in Kenny Park.

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