Tuesday, November 21, 2006

301 Girard

I looked out the large picture window at our house here in Columbus today after work. I saw at least 50 house sparrows, actually a type of finch native to Europe. Two pairs of cardinals were also pecking through the seed laying on the street. A little later, a few doves also dropped on by. Not exactly your most interesting day here bird wise, but at least I looked. One thing to be thankful for, in this season of thanks, were the two great days of weather that just wrapped up this evening. As Jym Ganahl said this evening on Channel 4, It is rare to have two consecutive sunny days at this time of year. With the clear weather also comes the cold, and this morning was the first time that my co-workers and I noticed that the small educational wetland at work had completely frozen over. It was very cold last night.

On another note, you might have noticed the pictures of Megan's umbrella plant I posted a few days ago. The plant was covered with aphids. On Sunday, I brought the plant outside and set it in the front yard, and pulled out the garden house. I turned the pressure all the way up, and blasted a stream of water from the nozzle at the tips of the plant. I was hoping that the stream of water would jettison the little insects off the plant-- sure enough, it worked. So if you have aphids, consider blasting them off before turning to pesticides!


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