Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Welcome to September

I have been taking photographs, but I got out of the blogging routine.  Once you're in, you're in, but when you're out, boy is it hard to get back in.  I've been photographing many fascinating creatures for the backyard biodiversity project which will provide great material for posts during our dark gray winters! 

Yesterday during a trip to Kenney Park, my favorite local haunt for photographing nature, I spotted a single tall boneset in bloom on the riverbank.  It was filled with pollinators.  As I snapped away, however, there was a strange part of one of the flower heads that was waving in a way that just didn't match.  What is that?

Upon closer inspection, what I was seeing was an extremely well camouflaged caterpillar.  I'm not exactly sure which species this belongs to, but wow, isn't nature cool?  When ever you see insects on plants, look even more closely.  You're likely to see a whole host of awesome biodiversity that you never knew was there. 

Finally, we've hit the home stretch with baby Arbour. Megan is 34 weeks into this pregnancy; Brody was two weeks early.  Final preparations are being made, and we are all getting cautiously excited.



  1. I agree, Tom. After I cut back, I found it was hard to make myself post--that coupled with the fact that I haven't been doing much that's post-worthy.

    1. I've tried to replay to your comment twice now, but both have gone poof. I'm going to leave this attempt short to see what happens...

    2. Scott, my advice, if you want to get back into the game, it to find a project and blog about it. It can be something close to home or to work, something mostly words, something mostly pictures, but something that you'll learn doing, and something that doesn't have to last forever. Do it for a month and see where it takes you.....